Air Cooler for power plant
  • MFR(Multi Fan Remote Radiator) has not been influences on product’s capacity compared to other types of radiators.
  • We have applied cutting-edge technology that improves the efficiency of motor and protection current loss by operating fan respectively through control system.
  • We are able to apply on all of types of power plants.
  • Our products, remote type, are able to be installed at coastal and tropical area.
  • We are able to produce low noise type of radiator by setting up control of temperature and motor speed.
  • We are able to produce cooling tower instead of radiator if installed site is polluted.
  • We have horizontal and vertical types of radiator and produce one of them according to the condition of site.
  • We are able to produce 2nd cooling type of radiator that is connected with heat exchanger and be able to manufacture gas and middle speed type of radiator.